Solana Beach has a variety of Oceanfront Condominium Complexes- Low Inventory Listings

Solana Beach Oceanfront Condos

This strip of real estate in Solana Beach just south of Lomas Santa Fe and the 101 is probably the best buy I predict for the next few years. All these places need are to be picked up at the right price and or to be redone on the inside. Most of these properties along the oceanfront location will be either remodeled and turnkey, or completely need a remodel, or if you are lucky just some general cosmetics. I acutally know this area of Solana Beach Real Estate better than the average bear because I grew up surfing here ( LITERALLY ) and have shown property in almost all of the complexes of Solana Beach Oceanfront Condos and condos for sale that you will find in Solana Beach.

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